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Removing Or Deleting Contacts From Constant Contact From Salesforce


Removing Contacts from Constant Contact that have Opted Out or deleted in Salesforce is critical in keeping your lists compliant. 

By default, all those records in Salesforce which have synced previously yet have subsequently had Email Opt Out marked on their record or have been deleted in Salesforce can be removed from your Constant Contact Lists.

With this cool feature below enabled in Step 2 of your Set Up, it will help clean up your list from those deleted in Salesforce.


Want to unsubscribe Contacts, Leads, or Accounts from your Constant Contact Main List if a record Unsubscribes or Opts Out in Salesforce? Select this feature 

Note: If you receive an error in your logs for opt-out sync, then be sure to check if you have placed the Email Opt Out field on the layout of the record type being synced to have this feature work to remove a record from a Constant Contact list when it is opted out in Salesforce.

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