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Syncing NetSuite Companies To Zendesk Organizations

Check out some best practices on how to sync NetSuite Companies to Zendesk Organizations.

If you're like many NetSuite companies out there, you might have multiple naming conventions that need to be addressed before you start an integration. 

Let's take a Medical Industry company that had the same name (like Allcare Pharmacy) synced as one organization in Zendesk.

However, with 4 Allcare Pharmacy and one AllCare Pharmacy (with uppercase C) in NetSuite things got tricky.

Note that Allcare Pharmacy has 4 contacts, these are the 4 contacts from the 4 NetSuite companies synced to one Zendesk Organization.

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For Zendesk Organization integration currently, we integrate only by company name. The problem is the company name in NetSuite is not unique (the customer id is unique).

Note: To fix this issue you may need to make the company name differentiated in NetSuite - (This option can be used if you have the permission to edit the company name in NetSuite)

You can also use a Customer ID (like 106127 AllCare Pharmacy) instead of a name to be used as an organization name in Zendesk.


There’s an option to sync NetSuite customer Entity ID as Zendesk organization name in Step 4 Field Mapping in each integration.

To use NetSuite EntityID instead of the company name, you need to map "EntityID" to "Organization: Name". 

In Step 4 you can enable our expression mapping feature that can be used for combining fields, in this use case above EntityID and company name. 


Next, if this route is chosen then map the following expression to the Organization name using Customer mapping in Step 4.


Field Mapping Expression: record.EntityID + ' ' + record.CompanyName


That's it! You can now Reset Sync Process and get back to automating your data.

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