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Error 400 : Your merge fields were invalid

01 Nov 2017 05:44:36 ERROR Error for the record:, message: Your merge fields were invalid.[{field=JOBTITLE, message=Please enter a value}], code: 400

*Sample error only

The error above occurs when the required field in your CRM is blank when synced to Mailchimp.

How to overcome this issue?

Option 1: Fill in the required field in CRM then Reset Sync Process and Resync.

Option 2: Make the field as "not required" in CRM so that the error will not appear in Mailchimp.

Option 3: In some cases, the errored field in Mailchimp might be required so you will also need to map that field in Step 4 of the Sync Profile so that the error will be fixed. Save, Reset Sync Process and resync.

Side note:

For any boolean/checkbox field type you add in the future just provide both options in the dropdown: true-false, or yes-no in Mailchimp to then map to CRM which will work great.

After updating dropdown values be sure to refresh field mapping so SyncApps knows the values to match.

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