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What Is SyncApps?


SyncApps, by Cazoomi, helps you drive more sales and donations and align your marketing data while giving you valuable insights from it on a single dashboard. We achieve all that by bidirectionally integrating all the solutions that matter most to your business.

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Subscriber Data Platform

As far as the SyncApps Integration default platform goes, records from software 1 and software 2 will sync bidirectionally (that is, syncing works both ways) based on your Set Up Configuration.

  • The system of record always takes higher precedence over the system it's being integrated into. Any record changes will always be synced with the integrated system.
  • The system of record data is synced from the system being integrated only if the email address doesn't exist in your system of record at the time of syncing. Some exceptions to this rule are Mailchimp integrations that use Webhooks on their Update Profile forms, which can update the system of record data.
  • Some fields from HubSpot that can update the system of record data (among others) into existing systems may also be exempt from the previous rule.
  • In each case related to the previous two points, this feature is fully explained in Step 4 of the integration for each field mapping on a software case-by-case basis.

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