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Reset Sync Process And LastModifiedDate


SyncApps always tries to sync only modified data between your software applications; hitting the "Reset Sync Process" button will open up the integration and resync all data between your two software.

One use case that comes to mind is for Salesforce or NetSuite users that utilize formula fields or workflows to update the Contact or Lead record.

Since the workflow or formula field will not update the "lastmodifieddate" which is used by SyncApps to update new data, the updated records from the formula field or workflow will not be seen by the API and not flow over any changes to the record to your target system.

Our method of only synching modified data is a best practice rather than trying to sync all data each time you run your SyncApps integration, as this would take lots of time.  

The Reset Sync Process feature solves this issue, yet can take some time, depending on the amount of data you have, yet it will allow you to sync all data anytime to true up your entire database integrated between your software.


If all of your data needs to be re-synced at any time, please tap on the "Reset Sync Process" button, and during the next sync process, all your data between your software applications will sync.

Note: you will keep your previous settings in your Set Up.

What's the difference between the "Sync Now" button without tapping the "Reset Sync Process" button?

Pressing Sync Now will sync all data anytime you need to, yet the Scheduling in Step 5 will accomplish the same thing. Just it runs automatically without logging into SyncApps.

For Reset Sync Process, this feature will look at both systems anew and without looking at cached emails in the system to then match up each again so you can see a full report if you like anytime by using this feature as by default after the first sync runs we only sync changed data based on the timestamp of the record in both systems.

Let's take a look at a NetSuite and Mailchimp integration as an example:

Mainly when you change things in NetSuite or Mailchimp side like Saved Search criteria for a Saved Search listed in Step 1, Mailchimp Audience in Step 2 swapped out, and other things that require SyncApps to review the entire database of both software is when Reset Sync Process is needed.

Other times are if you add new Field Mapping, new Saved Searches, Filters, or Segments that also trigger the need to hit Reset Sync Process so that the integration can fully understand what is new and then from then on sync only modified changes.

The time it takes to process all data is highly dependent on the data sets in both software and the API of the software vendor, so this can take some time. To review, please take a look at historical sync times in the Reports Tab or try to schedule a Reset Sync Process over a weekend if you don't want to interrupt the normal business day integration times.

If you are using Formula Fields to update your data in Salesforce, please enable the feature to Reset Sync Process daily in Step 5.

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