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Drag and Drop Files for Salesforce

Get your files into your Salesforce the easy way, using Drag & Drop!

Get it on AppExchange today!

Drag & Drop will allow your company to quickly add multiple attachments (like screenshots of cases, email from files, PDFs, and more) against any standard or custom object. 

Just Drag and Drop them inside of your Salesforce today.  Select 'Drag, Drop & Upload' from the top right of your Salesforce account to get started on the configuration steps. 

Quickly add a button to your accounts, opportunities, contact or lead layout with ease using our 'Generate URL' for any object or custom object button for Drag & Drop. Find the 'Generate URL' tab in your Salesforce tabs for use on any object or custom object button for Drag & Drop. 

Be sure you have enabled Salesforce Content.

Now you are ready to start dragging documents into Salesforce.

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