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Setting Up A One-Way Integration From Mailchimp To Salesforce And Using The Mailchimp Preferences Center


One way integration from Mailchimp to Salesforce is super simple, so see the easy steps below for success!


  • Sync all the needed CRM data first to Mailchimp using SyncApps or Mailchimp CSV uploads.
  • After the initial sync, proceed to Step 1 of the Set Up and select the feature called "Don't want to sync Contact, Leads, or Accounts to your Mailchimp Audience?".
  • Hit Save, then Reset Sync Process and resync.

CRM is considered the master data in most instances, so it is always the winner in integration with Mailchimp, meaning CRM data is never overwritten.

You can, however, update CRM or eCommerce records from Mailchimp using our Update Profile "Need to update Salesforce when subscribers update their Profiles in Mailchimp?" feature found in Step 2 of your integration.

If you are planning to set up a new or use an existing Preferences Center in Mailchimp so that contacts can subscribe and unsubscribe from particular MailChimp groups back to Salesforce, then this is also supported by SyncApps.

sample form where users can add an email address, first, or last name

A preferences center is a webpage where your contacts can update their profile and preferences based on the groups you’ve created in your audience.

Here's the best read for this topic from Mailchimp:

In SyncApps, when a subscriber updates their profile preferences based on Groups, you can map this information back to Salesforce using Field Mapping.

Then, enable the feature in Step 2 so that when the Mailchimp Subscription Center webhooks fires, the record in Salesforce will automatically be updated when the subscriber updates their profile in Mailchimp, without having to run a sync.

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