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Can we sync categories from Zoho CRM to Constant Contact?


I want to know if I am syncing from Zoho CRM to Constant Contact, can I sync in a way that categories in Zoho goes to the different lists on Constant Contact. Like all real estate agents go to Real Estate, Insurance Agents go to Insurance, Loan Officers go to Lender, etc....

Please advise...


Yes, that is possible by using Campaign Sync functionality in your Sync Profile, field mapping to Constant Contact or even on our Filtering feature explained here.

  • Each Zoho CRM campaign will be synced to a Constant Contact list


That is something I can create in Cazoomi? And which plan should I purchase, I have to sync 6 different categories...


So if you plan to use the Zoho Categories custom field, not Campaigns, then just use Field Mapping to map the Zoho Categories field to 1 of the 15 available Constant Contact fields.

Next Reset & Resync the Sync Profile and then head over to Constant Contact to do a quick report on all contacts with real estate, insurance, loan officers, etc. and have these lists segmented so you can quickly email out to them in Constant Contact.

Check out your Field Mapping step below and just map the Zoho Categories field.

To use our robust Filtering feature, please upgrade to Professional plan or use the Add-On available from your dashboard.

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