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Sync Multiple Constant Contact Accounts To One Salesforce Account Or Vice Versa

Need to sync multiple Constant Contact accounts to one Salesforce account or vice versa?


One of the cool features of SyncApps integration is that you can set up separate integration Set Up for Contacts and/or Leads using 1 Salesforce login for your credentials in each Set Up(s) for each different Constant Contact credentials in a setup of the Set Up(s).

To connect more than 1 Salesforce Account to Multiple Constant Contact Accounts, you will just need to set up a Set Up using the 2nd Constant Contact Account credentials in Step 2 of the integration.

Using both Leads and Contacts, 2 Set Ups will be needed per Constant Contact Account.

This process can be repeated for as many integrations as you need on our Enterprise Plans using 10, 100, or 1000+ Constant Contact or Salesforce accounts for integrations.

If you are a consultant or agency managing multiple SyncApps accounts and the scenario is to have different SyncApps Accounts pointing to one Salesforce org, then this use case is fully supported on our Enterprise plans.

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