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Set up Campaign Responses for Salesforce Accounts used as Person Accounts

Are you using Salesforce and need to see Marketing Metrics on the Account Layout?

Here's what you can do.

Try using this feature in Step 1 of your integration.

"Use this to allow Campaign Response sync if Account sync object type is selected." 

If Sync Campaign Responses is enabled then custom fields in Salesforce will be automatically created for placement on the CampaignMembers (Campaign History) object to store email marketing metrics such as the number of opens, clicks, and bounces. For testing purposes, please use at least 1 Campaign and 100 test records in it.

Getting Started:


Once you have created a Sync Profile from your dashboard and saved it, be sure to check your Salesforce layouts to make sure all fields created by SyncApps are dragged into the layouts for your Salesforce organization.

Salesforce layouts check:

  • Drag Campaign Cazoomiid into the Campaign Page Layout
  • Drag CampaignMember Cazoomiid into the Campaign Member Page Layout and any fields you want to report on like Opens, Clicks, Forwards and Bounces
  • The Campaign metrics fields placed in Campaign History layout (related lists) + Email Events will bring in the "URLs clicked" into Salesforce upon each scheduled sync

By default, custom fields will not be displayed on any Salesforce layouts. To make the custom fields visible, please update your layout for Campaign Response.


For Salesforce Campaign Member Status we always sync with the latest status, one of the following:



  • Clicked:  If the recipient clicked 
  • Opened: If the recipient opened
  • Bounced: Email Bounced
  • Unsubscribed: opted out an email campaign
  • Sent: If the recipient is a member of the Email Marketing Campaign and none of the above statuses applied.

Note: Mailchimp API does not have an efficient way to update for "Sent" in the Campaign Member Status for Automation Campaigns (not regular Email Campaigns) as Mailchimp does not give timestamp when the actual sending is done.  This status can sometimes not always be 100% correct. 



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