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Sync Revenue Data From NetSuite To HubSpot


Looking for an integration that lets you pass or sync revenue data from NetSuite to HubSpot?

Such revenue data comes from the financial system of NetSuite.  Look no further!  Definitely, it is SyncApps NetSuite and HubSpot integration.

Specific fields needed to map include:

1. Date of the first invoice issued
2. Date of the latest invoice
3. Amount of latest invoice
4. The total invoice amount for each company (Total Revenue)
5. Number of invoices for each company

Instead of mapping fields from multiple objects like the Customer, Contact, or Invoice record, a best practice using SyncApps is just to use a NetSuite Transaction Saved Search.

To elaborate, using a Transaction Saved Search to drive records from NetSuite into HubSpot is simple, or you can also create those 5 fields on the Customer record in NetSuite and map them in SyncApps to be populated into HubSpot as well. Just an issue with that is they would always be updating NetSuite to HubSpot; if this is ok then you can do this method.

Take a NetSuite and HubSpot test drive today! 

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