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Automating Act-On Lead Score Back To Your CRM


Need to get your Lead Scoring back into your CRM automatically so sales can see which prospects and customers are interacting most with your marketing?

Well, Act-On lets you score leads based on profiles, behaviors, and engagement all of which culminate into a score that you can bring back to your CRM for insights.

Lead Scoring in Act-On is super simple to set up and automate this score flowing back to CRM in SyncAps too.

Lead Scoring helps you determine if your lead is marketing-qualified and ready to send over to sales.

By scoring your leads you can eliminate back and forth between sales and marketing, create high-quality leads, and move your leads through the sales funnel more effectively.

Check out the following steps to sync Act-On Lead Score to your CRM which will update to CRM each time your automation runs.

  1. Create a custom field in Act-On Main List (the one specified in your Set Up) with the name Lead Score.

  2. Create a List Maintenance Program. Press menu Automation > List Maintenance Programs then press the New button. 
  3. Schedule the program to run daily. You can also press now to update the Lead Score field immediately. After clicking the Now link, please check the list to make sure the Lead Score field is populated correctly.

  4. In Step 4 of the Set Up, the Lead Score field needs to be mapped to a CRM field in your SyncApps Set Up. Just look for the field "Leads Score*" and map to the Lead Score field in CRM. Make sure that the mapping direction is from Act-On to CRM (NetSuite for example).
  5. After updating mapping, please press the Reset Set Up button to make sure SyncApps retrieve all records from Act-On.

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