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Understanding How Webhooks Interact With Mailchimp Integrations

What are Webhooks?

Well, using Mailchimp you might have seen the word "Webhooks" mentioned as well as when you use integrations as well. In terms of integration speak, what they do is allow you to collect information about integration events as they happen in near real-time.

See here for more details about Webhooks using Mailchimp

How do Webhooks work with SyncApps?

When you have a SyncApps integration with Mailchimp, then Webhooks will take effect even if you do not run a sync if you have chosen a feature called "Update Profile" from your Step 2 choices in the integration.

Since SyncApps is a point and press solution, you only need to choose the feature and we do the rest there is no code or URLs to place in any Steps.

Take a look at an example real quick.

Let's say if a subscriber or an admin on the Mailchimp side updated Field A of Record A in your Mailchimp Audience then this will automatically update Field A of Record A in your CRM or eCommerce software even if you don't run the sync if you have Update Mailchimp Profile form to CRM feature checked in your integration.


This can save tons of time as you automate your workflow to manage the data between Mailchimp and other software.

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