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Update Multiple NetSuite integration credentials at once

Do you happen to manage multiple NetSuite integrations and need to update all credentials, at the same time?

Check out our newest feature to update just a few or 100s of Sync Profiles with the same NetSuite Credentials. Ask our 24/7 Support Team to enable this Enterprise plan feature today.


Show mass update credentials feature in Step 1 of any Sync Profile

Once the customization is enabled, head straight to Step 1 of the Sync Profile, make sure that you have entered the valid credentials to prevent errors.

Please note that this particular Sync Profile you have opened will be the basis of the NetSuite credentials to be updated to other selected Sync Profiles.

Tap the “Select Sync Profiles” button. This will then open a pop up of the Sync Profiles to be updated.

Select which Sync Profile to be updated then hit “Update” button. And lastly, tap “Save”.

Now all selected integrations will be updated with your NetSuite credentials.  You’re all set. 

Let us know if you hit any snags by reaching out to our 24/7 Support Team. We’d be glad to help you out.

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