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Using a NetSuite Sandbox for testing in your integration?

The SyncApps Platform supports NetSuite Sandbox 2.0 for testing purposes without affecting your production account. This is the best way to do testing if you have customized data, records, etc. in NetSuite. 

A NetSuite sandbox is an isolated test account in which you can develop and test customizations without worrying about affecting your production account.

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You can have one or more sandboxes provisioned for each production account. Each sandbox account has the same configuration, data, and customization as your production account.

Sandbox accounts provide ideal places for:

  • Testing customization elements before deployment
  • Fixing issues with existing customizations
  • Trying out third-party integration features
  • Training employees in existing and new business practices in an account identical to your production account

Actions you take in sandbox accounts, such as transaction entries, record deletions, and form customizations, have no effect on your NetSuite production account. 

You can feel free to make changes in a sandbox account without altering your production data.

NetSuite Sandbox 2.0 is an enhanced Sandbox account which provides better performance and accessibility using the Production Login URL.  This feature also affords the ability for administrators to change the Account ID to distinguish Sandbox from Production Roles. 

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