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Specific NetSuite Saved Searches to Mailchimp Tag(s)

Syncing NetSuite Saved Search to Mailchimp Tags is super simple!

First, go straight to Step 1 of the Set Up then enter. Please select Specific Saved Searches as the Records to Sync.

Next, enter the Saved Search ID, Type, and Tag name under Mailchimp Group or Tag name. Tap the "Add New NetSuite Saved Search" button then do the same process for the next Saved Search ID and so on.

Hit Save.

In Step 2 of the Set Up, be sure that you have selected Use Tags as the segmentation method. After this is done, do the Reset Sync Process and resync.

Once the sync is completed, these Saved Search names will now be created as Tags in Mailchimp together with the records.

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