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How to sync Eventbrite Custom Questions to Salesforce

Need to get your Eventbrite questions on your survey or event to flow back to Salesforce? Simple, you can map your Eventbrite Custom Questions back to Salesforce using the following guide.

This can be very useful when posing questions to your Event attendees let's say what shirt size, meal or any other selections so that your team can prepare what to provide for the attendees.

First, make sure that you have the Custom Questions ready. If not, see here on how to create your own in Eventbrite.

Steps in mapping Custom Questions from Eventbrite to Salesforce

How to set up your custom field for Custom Questions in Salesforce

A. Salesforce Dashboard > Setup > Customize > Campaigns > Fields > create new field under Campaign Custom Fields & Relationship with this properties please refer screenshot below:

B. Click Save and add this new field "Custom Question" in the Page Layout.

Once you have created these Custom Questions, head back to your Sync Profile, the integration you have set up, and follow these super-simple steps below:

In Step 1 (Eventbrite) of the Sync Profile, you will need to enable the option " Map Custom Questions" as seen in the screenshot below, hit the button Save:


When the option is enabled, the mapping choices will be available in Step 3 of the Sync Profile under the "Event" tab, just set it on what Salesforce custom field(s) would you like these Eventbrite Custom Question(s) be synced to.

If not seeing the (3) Custom Questions (custom_questions)* read-only field map in drop-down then just press (1) Refresh Fields which will reach out to Eventbrite to call the field to be mappable. You will see confirmation of (2) Refreshed fields successfully which indicates you can now map new fields.

Lastly, choose your (4) Salesforce field to map the Custom Question to and repeat if needed to map multiple Eventbrite Custom Questions.

Essentially, when you have multiple questions in Eventbrite for your prospects, leads or customers to answer then just map these multiple times in Step 3 to each individual Salesforce Question Field for each question to the "Custom Questions" Eventbrite field.

The questions will flow into each Field in Salesforce you designate.


Hit Save and most importantly do not forget to tap Reset Sync Process and resync so that the changes in your Sync Profile will be applied in the next sync.

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