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Syncing Web Forms To Constant Contact

  • Are you working on your website with your marketing team, feeding Constant Contact Lists all the leads for an introductory offer or product promo, yet you also need each of those leads to be created in CRM at the same time?

No worries! SyncApps is here to help and make your data entry work easier than ever through automation.

For POC, proof of concept, testing try this flow out after setting up your Web to Lead form in Constant Contact and then set up in your Set Up as shown below. 

We will go over the full setup in detail below once you have an idea of how it works around the flow of the lead from the site to your CRM.


The use case is around how automation is very crucial for your company to generate Leads and turn them into potential Customers who will help your business grow. Let's say if a visitor does have an interest in your product, they can sign up to subscribe to your email blasts for product updates, news, etc. Or even sign up to try your product and become a potential client!

Without data integration, it's a constant struggle to do manual data entry from Constant Contact to CRM. It is because when new records land in your Constant Contact email lists, they will need to be manually exported and then imported into CRM. Very time-consuming!


Try this best practice next time to sync your Constant Contact Lead records to CRM.

Be sure you have first signed up for a Trial at SyncApps below then you are ready to start testing this cool feature out.


Ready? Then let's get it rolling! Check the following process below for live testing.


Note: By default, this will only work once you have created your Set Up. Pre-existing records prior to using SyncApps need to be copied into the Constant Contact Main List you are using in your Set Up in Step 2 as the funnel to CRM to create new Web to Lead records or exported then imported to CRM manually.


1. Create an Email List in Constant Contact, or an existing Email List will do. Please note that the Email List selected will be specified as the Main List in Step 2 of the Set Up. The specified Main List will be the basis for syncing your record to CRM and from your Constant Contact.

In the example below, we'll use the "Constant Contact Lead Main List".



2. After creating your Main List, tap the "Sign-up Forms" tab and select your desired type of Sign-up form. In this case, we'll use the Inline Sign-up form.



Rename your Sign-up form to determine what's the purpose of the Sign-up form. Other options are available such as the desired fields needed for your Sign-up forms.



The Sign-up form must land into the specified Email List in Step 2 of your Set Up so that whenever a NEW record fills up the Sign-up form (called Web forms), this will land in your selected email list. Once the sync runs in SyncApps, the NEW records will then be synced to CRM automatically based on your schedule set in your integration.

Most importantly, you are required to assign an email list, so you need to select the "Constant Contact Leads Main List". You may also select those email lists that are associated with the Constant Contact Main List (those that are created from CRM Campaigns).



Once done, hit Save and Publish.


Insert the newly created Sign-up Form or Web form to your site by tapping the "Inline Code". This will give you the ability to post the Web form in your site to invite Leads. Don't know how to do it? There will be instructions given once the button is tapped.


Once the Web Form is created, it should look like the image below in a popup form or embedded in your site. Your new Leads will now be able to sign-up to be potential customers for your product!  See Constant Contact Guide on Web forms here.

Pop-up Sign-up FormLanding Page Sign-up Form

Next is that when a new Lead fills up the form, it will land into your selected Email List.



Double-check: In Step 1 of the Set Up (Object type should be Leads), be sure that you have selected the "Which Type of Record Would You Like to Create in Salesforce for New Records? " to " Create a Lead". Hit Save then tap Reset Sync Process and Re-sync.

Once the integration runs, this new record will now be created as a new Lead record in Salesforce if the record does not exist at the time of syncing.


Voila! Run the integration and see the freshly created Lead record from your Sign-up form or Web form is now created as a new Lead record in Salesforce. Got it? Give it a try!


More questions? Just hit us up through our 24/7 Support Team today!

Flow for LIVE testing of Automation: 


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