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How The Unsubscribe Process And Custom Unsubscribes Work


One of the most highly requested features to be included in all plans is the ability to manage Opt-Outs bidirectionally. 

In this article, we're discussing Opt-Outs as they relate to integrating your software as well as using a unique unsubscribe field to map bidirectionally in your automation for opt-out control.

Managing Opt-Outs (also known as Unsubscribes) with CRM, eCommerce, and Marketing Automation software is essential for any organization. This will help you reach the right people in your targeted marketing. It also helps ensure that you're not emailing people who have decided they don't want to subscribe to your content for the time being. 

But how does SyncApps manage the Opt-Outs and Unsubscribes between CRM, eCommerce, and Marketing Automation software?

How is the Unsubscribe process managed in both directions?

By default, SyncApps premaps the Email opt-out field in your CRM to ensure that if any of your recipients unsubscribe from your marketing automation solution, the opt-out status is automatically synced back to the CRM. However, if you're using a Custom Opt-Out Field in your CRM or Financials, you can use the "More Options" feature in Field Mapping to configure the syncing of opt-out status back to CRM.

In Step 1 of the Set Up, you will need to enable the "Want to unsubscribe Contacts, Leads, or Accounts from (your email Marketing Automation Solution) if a record Unsubscribed or Opts-Out from (Name of the first party software)?"

Then in Field Mapping, map the "*Mailchimp Unsubscribe*" (as an example) to your CRM or eCommerce field.

In this way, the standard email Opt-Out field will no longer be used as the integration uses the Custom Opt-Out field. 


How is Opt-Out or Unsubscribe managed from CRM or eCommerce to my Marketing Automation Solution?

  • By default, when a record is Opted-Out in any CRM or eCommerce system, the record or its status will not be synced to your Marketing Automation Solution. What happens is that the record is Opted Out in CRM or eCommerce solution, yet it is still Opted-In in your Marketing Automation Solution. You can still send the emails to the Opted-In record in your Marketing Automation Solution.

Want also to sync the Unsubscribed status to your Marketing Automation Solution while ensuring they are Opted-Out from your List or Audience once they Unsubscribe from CRM or your eCommerce software?

Here's how you do it:

Let's take Mailchimp, a powerful email marketing platform, and NetSuite, a G/L, CRM, and eCommerce platform integration, as an example:

There are options available for this in Step 1 of setting up the integration.

One option is "Unsubscribe Opted-Out Customers or Contacts in NetSuite from Mailchimp."

Just enable the "Unsubscribe Opted-Out Customers or Contacts in NetSuite from Mailchimp" option in Step 1 of the Set Up. This will allow the Opted-Out status to be synced to your Marketing Automation software so that your target marketing emails are only to those people who have opted into your marketing content.

Use case: Opted-Out records outside of the selected CRM List not syncing to the Marketing Automation record?

Have you synced some of the records initially straight to the Main List/Audience then, later on, updated your Set Up configuration to use CRM Lists such as Campaigns, Marketing Lists, Tearsheets, or Saved Searches, and when you Opted Out, the record that is not in the selected list, is not Unsubscribed in the Marketing Automation List/Audience?

It's because SyncApps only focuses on the records inside these CRM Lists when the feature is selected in Step 1 of the Set Up. To Unsubscribe the record, add that Opted-Out record to any of the selected CRM Lists, then rerun the sync. It will Unsubscribe the record in your Main List/Audience.

How is Opt-Out or Unsubscribe managed from your Marketing Automation Solution to CRM or eCommerce solution?

  • Opt-Outs or Unsubscribes are automatically managed from your Marketing Automation Solution to CRM and eCommerce software on every sync. 

What this means is every time a record in your Marketing Automation Solution Opts-Out of your marketing, then with each sync back to CRM, Financial, or your eCommerce solution then, SyncApps will check the appropriate standard Unsubscribe checkbox.

Please note that once a record has Unsubscribed in your Marketing Automation Solution, any updates via Field Mapping in Step 3 will stop syncing as well.

Need to integrate a Custom Unsubscribe checkbox in your CRM or eCommerce solution? Get in touch with our team so we can show you how to use a unique Unsubscribe field to map bidirectionally in your automation for Opt-Out control today.

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