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NetSuite Saved Searches To Mailchimp Group Category And Mailchimp Groups

Are you curious about segmenting Saved Searches from NetSuite to your Mailchimp Audience?

Segmenting NetSuite Saved Searches to Mailchimp Groups is crucial for sending Email Marketing Campaigns because each Group is connected to a specific Saved Search and can receive specific Campaigns.

Let's walk through the steps of getting it set up.

First, make sure that each Netsuite Saved Search has its preferred filters and determined types, such as Contact, Customer, Transaction, Employee, Partner, or Vendor.

NetSuite Saved Search Best Practices & Options for Integration

In SyncApps, head to Step 1 of the Set Up, and under "What do you want to sync?", select "Specific NetSuite Saved Searches".

Enter the NetSuite Saved Search ID, Type, and which Mailchimp Group would you like this specific NetSuite Saved Search will be synced to.

SyncApps will create the Mailchimp Group automatically on syncing or if it exists in Mailchimp already we will marry the Saved Search to the Group.

Double-check if you have specified the correct Mailchimp audience in Step 2 of the Set Up and the Group Category is the one you want to sync to as the default is "My Groups".

You can change the Group Category name and/or use an existing Group Category if you prefer.

Hit Save, then Reset Sync Process and resync.

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