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Managing Merged Salesforce records to your Marketing Automation Software

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Wondering how SyncApps handles Merged Salesforce records in a Marketing List to your Marketing Automation List?

Let's take a use case for Mailchimp for Salesforce integration.

When Contact A is initially synced to Mailchimp then, later on, Contact B is merged to Contact A in Salesforce, then SyncApps will only recognize the updates from the Master record which in this case is Contact A. The merged record, Contact B, will not be recognized by SyncApps. 
If wanting to sync the merged records, be sure that prior to the sync, merge first the records to the Master record then place it in the Salesforce Marketing List.
Then in Step 1 of the Sync Profile, select the Marketing List to sync feature under "Want to use a Campaign or Marketing List to sync Campaign/List Members to Mailchimp?".
Hit Save then Reset Sync Process and resync.
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