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Capture NetSuite Abandoned Cart Data To Mailchimp, Constant Contact And Others


Try using a Customer Saved Search in your integration to capture your NetSuite abandoned cart data.

Check out this great flow for your shopping cart abandonment workflow for Constant Contact, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, and other solutions supported by SyncApps.

Here's a Mailchimp example:

  1. Create an automated series inside Mailchimp.
  2. Create a NetSuite Customer Saved Search who has left items in their cart (with a sub-total greater than zero) inside of NetSuite.
  3. Place Saved Search into Step 1 of your integration
  4. Sync those customers' email addresses to an Audience inside of Mailchimp, which will trigger the first newsletter (by using a "when a subscriber joins this list" automation.


The best practice for the above scenario is to also use a field (Customer Ordered) on the Customer Record to capture the fact that they have an order.  You can source this from the Order Object.

When this field changes from "False" to "True, " it can change the ending Automation Trigger in Mailchimp you've set up to stop the series.

As a best practice, be sure the Set Up is syncing to the Audience in Mailchimp, where the automation is set as Saved Searches sync to Groups or Tags. This also places the member into an Audience, which is the Mailchimp Main Audience, named in Step 2 of the Set Up.

For Abandoned Cart syncing, the best practice is to create a separate setup just for this flow, using a Customer or Transaction Saved Search.

TIP: Saved Search name to Audience or Group/Tag name

The Audience in Mailchimp could be called an Abandoned Cart, and then the new record that lands in the Audience can have automation on it, as automation in Mailchimp only fires on the Audience, or use Saved Searches to Mailchimp Groups or Tags.

Here's an example:

As for the NetSuite Customer Saved Search, just create a Customer Search and then create a filter in the Saved Search:

Shopping Cart: Date the last item added (X days or greater)
Shopping Cart: Subtotal (greater than 0.00)

So the idea is that all abandoned carts from clients signed in will get added to the "abandoned cart" search after 2 days. When the list syncs again, they will get added to the Mailchimp Tag "Abandoned Cart," which should immediately trigger an email to be sent reminding them to finish the purchase.

Note: -- Unfortunately, retrieving additional search fields is still impossible using the most current API version of NetSuite.  When they allow it, we will support these fields below:

Another important Note: -- If you're creating a Shopping Cart Saved Search using a Customer type Saved Search in Step 1 of the integration, you can also use a Transaction Saved Search to set up a 'customer journey' automation in Mailchimp for an abandoned cart that triggers based on "Abandoned Cart" records. More details here if you want to use the full eCommerce sync for Mailchimp.

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