What is a Sync Profile?

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New to SyncApps and have no idea what is a Sync Profile is? Let me walk you through with you what you need to know!

A Sync Profile refers to the setup of 2 available software where data from one application is synced to another application. Essentially, we call it an integration.  Depending on the SyncApps plan you choose you can set up 1 or 100s of integrations for your company.

Setting up a Sync Profile includes all the settings for both applications including connection configuration, Sync Add-On selections, Field Mapping, Filtering and Segmentation, and Sync Scheduling.

To see what a Sync Profile is, please check out "How it Works" or log in to your SyncApps account and set up your Sync Profile. If you need a guide when setting up, please hover over any SyncNotes (green italic i) in your setup to get detailed information on that specific integration service or related item.



In a Sync Profile, there are 6 Steps:

Step 1 - Software Application A (CRM, Financials, eCommerce)

  • This Step has higher precedence as the system of record. You can select several options based on your requirements.
  • The software in Step 1 always takes higher precedence over the software in Step 2 however some Step 2 Software features can override the software in Step 1 on a case by case basis depending on the software being integrated so pay close attention to each point and press selection for your requirements.


Step 2 - Software Application B (Marketing Automation, Support, eCommerce)

  • This step also has options you can select based on your requirements.


Step 3 - Add-Ons

  • If you want to add more features, you can purchase our Add-Ons. Pricing starts at $9.99/month. And if needing advice from experts before purchasing, you can reach out to our 24/7 Support Team today.


Step 4 - Field Mapping

  • You can map fields in one or both directions. Standard fields such as email and name as well as others are pre-mapped which will always give you in the SyncNotes area.


Step 5 - Filtering and Segmentation

  • This feature is our most powerful tool where you can sync records from CRM based on your criteria and vice-versa from your other software. See more


Step 6 - Sync Scheduling

  • This is the best part of setting up a Sync Profile. You can set it and forget it and let SyncApps do the syncing for you based on the schedule you have set in this Step.


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