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CRM Checkbox Fields To Mailchimp Groups


Wondering how new or existing records in Mailchimp flow back to CRM and bring with it the subscription preferences they chose on your Sign Up Form or Update Profile Forms? 

Checkbox Fields automation feature inside SyncApps is applicable to the following CRMs:

  • Salesforce
  • NetSuite
  • Zoho CRM
  • Dynamics 365

Let's see how Mailchimp for Salesforce works below:

Use Case Scenario

Your landing page (which is a Mailchimp contact form) has subscriptions that you would like your customers to choose so that it mirrors what your Sales teams see in Salesforce when looking at their record in CRM.

The checkboxes are handled in Mailchimp as Groups, not fields (Merge Tags), so these are not mappable in Step 4 of SyncApps but instead used as Groups to sync to CRM Checkboxes.

If you want to map Merge Tags instead, use the Mailchimp Audience and, in edit mode, add a field then, in Step 4, after refreshing fields, it will be mappable to Salesforce.


Groups exposed on the Mailchimp form under a Mailchimp Group Category will sync back to a checkbox of your choosing in CRM.


You can also create each of your Groups (Checkboxes on your Mailchimp form) as Checkboxes on the Lead or Contact record in Salesforce and then set up in your Set Up to match them in Step 1 of your integration in SyncApps.


Updating subscribers and grouping data from Mailchimp for Salesforce is done in real-time (using webhooks), so Sync on Demand or Sync Scheduling is not needed for this action to take place.

To get started in using the Checkboxes feature, please see Step 1 of your Set Up to enable this feature on your integration

Checkbox Fields for Segmentation will take precedence over any Campaign or List selection in Step 1 of each Set Up once selected.

Enable the feature "Use CRM Checkbox Field(s) for Mailchimp Group segmentation," then set up the CRM Checkboxes and map to which Group will the record with that specific Checkbox will land.

For Checkbox mapping, the Group information from Mailchimp should also be synced to CRM checkbox if properly configured, so there is a way to accomplish your flow from a Mailchimp form to Salesforce requirement today.

NOTE: Enabling the Checkbox cannot be used in conjunction with Segmentation in Step 4. However, you can use Filtering to further refine the records that have that particular type of Checkbox in Step 1 you have specified going into your connecting to your Marketing Automation Solution.

Mailchimp Segmentation Method in Step 2 must use Mailchimp Groups in the drop-down menu and not Tags when using our Checkbox feature.

Groups are interdependent on our Checkbox fields feature, while Tags are not.

Group Category - The Groups in Mailchimp must be in one Group category and named so that when created in Mailchimp by SyncApps, they will be able to use Mailchimp's powerful webhooks to update records back in CRM.

New records from Mailchimp Sign-Ups with Checkbox Preference

To ensure that they have the correct preference synced in your CRM, the record(s) / Sign-ups must first be synced to your CRM from Mailchimp so that SyncApps can be able to cache the records. 

Once done, the Update Profile Form feature in Step 2 should also be enabled so that whenever the subscriber or the Mailchimp admin updates their preference, then it will automatically reflect into your CRM record(s) in real-time via Mailchimp Webhooks, even without the sync running.

That's the cool part about Mailchimp Webhooks technology! 

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