Sync CRM Checkbox Fields to Marketing Automation Lists/Groups/Segments

Only applicable for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Please note that using Checkbox Fields for Segmentation will take precedence over any Campaign/List selection in your Sync Profile once selected.

If editing an existing Sync Profile to enable this feature please be sure to Reset Sync Process and Resync.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM feature:

Salesforce Example:

Based on a popular customization in Salesforce to Marketing Lists using in MailChimp, Constant Contact and others we have rolled out the ability to use checkbox fields for List/Group segmentation.

Use checkboxes on Salesforce Accounts, Contacts or Leads to segment into various Marketing Lists and Groups/Segments?

Common use case:

Subscriber - 

On our landing page (which is a MailChimp contact form) there is a lot of checkboxes. The checkboxes are handled in MailChimp as Group/Groupings.

Can I sync these Groups exposed on our MailChimp form directly from the checkboxes and sync these subscribers to Salesforce?

Cazoomi -


You can also create each of your Groups (checkboxes on your MailChimp form) as also checkboxes on the Lead or Contact record in Salesforce then set up in your Sync Profile to match them in Step 1.

Please see your Dashboard > Add-ons to enable this feature on your SyncApps.

Once confirmed SyncApps will turn on the customization option in your account to use.

*If you are on a Free Trial then just enable this Add-on to try out from your Add-ons tab. 


*Please note that updating subscriber and grouping data from MailChimp to Salesforce is done in real-time (using webhooks) so sync on demand or sync scheduling is not needed for this action to take place.

*Constant Contact List segmentation is updated on each sync from CRM.  Please note that Constant Contact lists changes, i.e allowing list selection for subscribers cannot be synced to CRM Campaign/List checkboxes.

In MailChimp this is possible using webhooks when syncing back MailChimp Groups selections to CRM checkboxes.

Already set up your Sync Profile and need to edit it to select this feature after grabbing the Add-on?

See below:


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    Fall 2015 Update:

    We have released and now deployed add/remove features to Checkbox Addon.

    *SyncApps will remove any subscriber from ESP (Marketing Automation Software) List/Group if checkbox in Salesforce is unchecked after being synced via a Sync Profile.

    Try it out as this is the holy grail in my opinion as it removes the need to create a Salesforce Trigger to add/remove any longer from a report in Salesforce.

    Community thread on it here....