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NetSuite Saved Search Best Practices


What are some of the best practices for NetSuite integration around Saved Searches?

First, let's look at an easy way to find the Saved Search internal ID (numeric) ID.

Just look for the ID at the end of the NetSuite Saved Search URL in your browser when you run it to see a Saved Search you are dealing with today.

Be sure the Saved Search is set to "Public" in NetSuite so it can be seen by the API. 

When you select "Specific NetSuite Saved Searches" under Records to Sync, then when you specify the ID, TYPE, the record(s) under the Saved Search ID will be synced to that new/existing specified Marketing Automation List Name.

Supported Saved Search Types:


Selecting a Saved Search to test out or to use in your integration will allow your integration to review all your NetSuite records with valid email addresses and then narrow down to just the Saved Search(es), which will allow better segmentation in your target software.  

Target Marketing has proven to be quite effective, with companies reporting a 760% increase in revenue over traditional methods of sending messages to people who just subscribe to your brand.

Using NetSuite criterion to narrow down NetSuite records in a Saved Search for use in your integration:


When building your Saved Search for use in an integration, note that sometimes what runs in NetSuite will not work with their API. The last modified date criteria addition does not work for "Use Expressions" with OR logic. It will produce an incorrect Saved Search result.

Using Saved Searches in your SyncApps integration can automate records flow to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, and more to efficiently bring across the records you need to effectively market to on a regular basis. 

Let's get a bit into the weeds here so your NetSuite Saved Search will follow best practices for integration.

Please put one more outermost parentheses in this use case below:

(Inactive = false AND .. AND ..) OR Name/ID = ... OR Name/ID = ...


(( Inactive = false AND .. AND .. ) OR Name/ID = ... OR Name/ID = ...)

If Saved Search criteria "Use Expressions" is checked, then criteria MUST be wrapped with parenthesis "(" and  ")"

SyncApps will need to add one more last modified criteria.

If wrapper parenthesis is not added, then the NetSuite Saved Search could produce an incorrect result, especially if criteria contain OR logic.

For example:

Name = "A" OR Name = "B" must be changed to (Name = "A" OR Name = "B")

If you get any permissions Error on Sync Profile or NetSuite Saved Search with the internal ID x does not exist, please go to the following URL to review NetSuite Role and TBA permissions solution.

  • Netsuite Summary Saved Searches are not supported in SyncApps because they are not supported in NetSuite's API.
  • Formula fields cannot be retrieved using NetSuite's Saved Search API.

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