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Mailchimp Multi-Select Field Mapping

Mapping Any CRM Multi-Select Field To Mailchimp Can Be Done In Step 3 or 4 Of Your Integration.

Mailchimp does not support multi-select, so you can map the CRM multi-select field to an individual Mailchimp text field. SyncApps will then sync it as comma-separated text like [CRM Field Value X, CRM Field Value Y]. 

Steps to get this setup:

Use 1 Text type merge tag, not a dropdown field but a text field for your CRM Multi-select field.​
Next, in SyncApps, go to your integration. While in Edit Mode, head to Step 4 of the Field Mapping area. Map the Multi-Select field in your CRM to the Mailchimp merge tag just created as an individual text field.

Hit Save after mapping the field in Step 4.

Makes sense? Be sure to Reset Sync Process once done and ReSync.

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