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Managing Custom Fields In Constant Contact


Check out how to map Constant Contact custom fields in your integration.  

Let's start with the basics real quick!

Basic Fields Premapped

Additional field mapping is optional. Basic Contact fields such as all below are already mapped for you;

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Address
  • Account name
  • Phone
  • Email Opt Out

The phone number is pre-mapped. If having multiple phone numbers in a CRM record, then only the number under "Phone" will be synced to the Constant Contact "Work Phone" field. 

If the "Phone" number field is blank, even if other phone numbers are filled in, no phone number will be synced to Constant Contact "Work Phone."

To override the premapped fields, just enable this option in Step 4.

For other Custom Fields, just map each in Step 4, and if you do not see any in the dropdown, hit the Refresh Fields button on the page.

Note: Here are some Constant Contact Version 3 API limitations

Maximum number of custom fields in a Constant Contact user’s account = 100
Maximum number of custom fields per Constant Contact contact = 50
Maximum characters in a Constant Contact custom field name = 50 

Updating existing data in CRM is not available on the API, so only new records will bring back field data to CRM from Constant Contact upon creation.

Mapping back Bounce Reason and Bounce Date to CRM

Are you trying to write back the bounce fields from Constant Contact to CRM?

Constant Contact does not explicitly have a "Hard Bounce" field. Instead, they have a "Bounce Reason" field populated with both soft and hard bounces. To map this field, head to Step 4 and use a Text Field Type. For Bounce, Date uses a Data Type field.

Reporting Tab and Hyperlinked Bounce Count

Note: Sync Campaign Response must be selected in Step 1 for these fields to be available for Field Mapping and synced back to CRM.

If you run into issues, be sure to check the field type in CRM and if using an existing field, then try changing your field on the CRM side to a Text field to capture "Bounce Reason," which is the text type in Constant Contact and Bounce Date is a Date field type in CRM.

Do you need to use a Custom Unsubscribe field in CRM?

If you do, then that’s fine; use this field to map in Step 4 today. Simple, right?

It gets even better.

Check this out.

You can also choose to do Additional field mapping or not.

We’ve made it easy for you by mapping the Basic Contact fields, including Email Address, Name, Address, Company Name, and Phone.


This makes it convenient.

Here’s another interesting bit.

Do you wish to use Custom Fields in Constant Contact?

No worries, we’ve got you covered! Listen to this - 25 custom fields for you to choose from! Now that’s a whole lot to choose from, which is great.

MultiSelect Fields

If using this type of field in CRM, please note to use the Constant Contact Text Field type to make sure the format flows correctly. 



This field, when mapped, will flow into Constant Contact like below. 

Contact Type = Buyer;Out-of-State Buyer

Birthday & Anniversary Support

Constant Contact supports the birthday and anniversary properties in the contact object. This means integration users can take advantage of autoresponder messages to send birthday and anniversary email campaigns.

Also, when using Step 4 Field Mapping, the birthday field is read-only, so can only be mapped to your CRM, Financial, or eCommerce software.

Since Constant Contact only supports Birth Month and Day, if you need to have Birth Year, a good workaround is to create a Custom Field in Constant Contact to house this full Birth Date information and map it back to your target software in Step 4.

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