Managing Custom Fields in Constant Contact

Bumping into any difficulties while setting up your own sync profile with SyncApps? Or thought of these same issues/questions regarding with custom fields specifically in Constant Contact? 

  • Custom Fields created in Constant Contact do not show up in SyncApps Constant Contact Field list even after refreshing fields.
  • I cannot see the Constant Contact custom fields in the additional field mapping while trying to map custom fields in both systems. Even if I press the refresh fields button the newly created fields do not show up.
  • The Fields are being displayed with Standard Naming in Cazoomi (custom_field_1-- custom_field_15) but not with the name we created in CC.
  • How do I import Custom Fields from the signup form, back to the Contact/Account/Lead/Target?
  • I had a Custom Date Field called "Subscribed Date" in Constant Contact but i don't see that Custom Date field in the Cazoomi Field Mapping Section to map it to Salesforce.
  • How can I change the labels of the custom fields when performing the field mapping when setting up a SyncApps profile? (Example: Custom Field 01, Custom Field 02, Custom Field 03 ------ I would rather gives these labels names like Channel for custom field 01, and Record Type for custom field 02)

Well, these don’t sound so hard to answer however it's a big more complicated.

Just to let you know that adding a custom field in Constant Contact does nothing to add to the 15 Available Custom Fields allowed in the current API for Constant Contact.

For in Constant Contact, it only allows 15 fields. Beyond these 15 fields, there won’t be a support from Constant Contact’s API. HOWEVER, you can label them to match your fields in CRM. Take each label and match it to the 1-15 fields.

Easy steps:

  • Rename the custom field as you see fit. You'll want to keep it under 255 characters.
  • Remove the custom field by clicking the X icon.
  • Add a new custom field by clicking "Add custom field".

Just be sure to jot these labels down to be used in your Sync Profile to map the 1-15 custom fields available to your CRM field(s).  Let us know if you hit any snags through emailing us at

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