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Constant Contact Campaigns Integration Flow Back To Salesforce

You can do email marketing in Constant Contact and track those emails back in Salesforce on the schedule you choose. 

Trying to sync back Drip Campaigns?

Autoresponder-type emails (A/B testing emails) do not sync back from Constant Contact in their API yet but we will support them as soon as they do in the API of Constant Contact.

The best way to understand how this works is to take a peek at our dedicated page for Salesforce for Constant Contact here - Constant Contact for Salesforce Integration.

Unlike other integrations, SyncApps integrates all the APIs of Salesforce and Constant Contact, not just Contacts. Campaigns, Campaign Responses, Custom Fields, and more.

For ".orgs", the key differentiator is NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack™) which is integrated into Constant Contact using your use cases like Constituents Contacts need to be emailed updates from Constant Contact and seeing their Campaigns in Salesforce which Constant Contact sent to each. Need some help?

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