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Full Sync Functionality


Your marketing team needs to make sure that when Sales alters a record in CRM, it is removed for marketing purposes for the Marketing Team.  

This covers scenarios like removing the record's Tag, taking it out of a Tearsheet, Saved Search, Marketing List, List View, or Campaign, so it is removed from the corresponding marketing automation solution list, audience, group, or tag.


Make sure your targeting is on point. For instance, when a lead becomes an active customer, you need to change the tag across platforms.

Your team changes a CRM record's status or a dropdown selection, and you need this action to then remove or add a Tag in Mailchimp.  

Enter the Full Sync

This feature allows you to easily automate your workflow around cleaning up your Marketing Automation Lists/Groups. You can scale your growth and spend less time on repetitive tasks using it.

Full sync depends on list/segmentation functionality, so it will be processed for these scenarios:

  • CRM or eCommerce Segmentation in Step 1 of your integration.
  • SyncApps Segmentation: Filtering + Segmentation feature of your integration.

Full Sync is available on our Plans and also available to try out on our Free Trial!

Note: Please also note that "Full Sync" and "Reset Sync Profile daily" features should not be used together.

For Salesforce integrations, Full Sync is applicable under the following conditions:

  1. Will work with Campaign or List View enabled.
  2. Will work if no Campaign or List View is enabled in Step 1, but Segmentation is enabled.
  3. Will work with Checkbox Field Segmentation.
Note: If Campaign as List View is enabled in Step 1 and the Marketing List package from AppExchange (deprecated) is also installed in Salesforce, please first uninstall the Marketing List package from Salesforce for the Full Sync feature to work correctly.

To automatically remove records from your Marketing Automation solution when they are no longer a part of any synced CRM Marketing List, subscribing to our Full Sync is a great solution as it is the only way to automatically remove a CRM member from a synced external Constant Contact List, Mailchimp Group, Mailchimp Tag.

Using Filtering and Segmentation with Full Sync?


Mailchimp Notes:

The Full Sync will not remove a record from a Mailchimp Group or Tag if it does not match the filter in Steps unless using a segmentation method in Step 1 or the "Enable Segmentation" feature of your integration.

Example Segmentation Method in Step 1 and Step 2:

Sync Salesforce Campaign/List Members and select Mailchimp Group or Tag as the Segmentation Method

Example Segmentation Method in Steps:

If you want to sync all Contacts in Step 1 and filter against your entire contacts yet, still remove records from a Mailchimp Group or Tag, be sure to enable the segmentation feature on filtering. Each "Segment Name" will be synced to a Mailchimp Group or Tag, depending on your choice in Step 2.

Important:  The Full Sync is needed to remove a record from a Mailchimp Group or Tag if it does not match your Filter & Segmentation criteria set up of your Set Up.

If you would like to remove a record from a Mailchimp Audience each time the Full Sync runs, please enable this feature in Step 2 of your integration.

If you enable segmentation on filtering, use Full Sync, and if the contact or lead is no longer part of a segment, SyncApps will remove the contact from the Mailchimp Group or Tag.

Full Sync for NetSuite to Act-On or our other marketing automation integrations?

Need to test our Full Sync for NetSuite to Act-On? 

See our use case below to help you get an idea of how to do it:

1. Create a NetSuite Saved Search named "Customization Test," and let’s say it was initially five entries. Create an Act-On Marketing List named "Customization_Test" and set the NetSuite Saved Search to sync with that Act-On List. After this, press Sync, and all five expected entries will be synced in the Act-On list.



2. Remove one entry in the NetSuite Saved Search, and then next, trial the Full Sync in the steps.


Once Full Sync is enabled, the Full Sync option will appear in Step 3.

Note: Full Sync will remove Records(s) from Act-On if the Record(s) is no longer a member of the NetSuite Saved Searches.

3. Press the Reset Sync Process button from the dashboard and rerun the Sync. The result will show that the customization really works as the Act-On List now has only four entries, a complete replica of the NetSuite Saved Search.


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