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Mailchimp's Static Segment Feature Is Now Changed To Mailchimp Tags

Mailchimp's Static Segment Feature Is Now Changed To Mailchimp Tags.

Don't worry; this is more complicated than it seems, as they have the same functionality, but Mailchimp Tags have some new features!

"Introducing a better way to organize your audience. Now you can use tags to organize your contacts however you want to. Think of them as customizable labels you can add and remove as needed."

Let's give it a try in Mailchimp!

It is easy to now automatically create Tag(s) based on your CRM Marketing List(s), Saved Search(s), Tearsheet(s), Campaign(s), or even eCommerce Product(s) and Variation(s) you have set up in Step 1 of the Set Up.  (What is a Set Up?)

Please note that if a Mailchimp user exposes Groups on the Update Profile form, then SyncApps will sync to the CRM List or Campaign if these Campaign(s)/List(s) to Groups have been synced prior via SyncApps. 

Now let's see how it works automatically to create Mailchimp Tags with SyncApps

In Step 2 of the Set Up, you will need to select "Use Tags" under the Segmentation Method option. Save and Reset Sync Process, then Sync Now. 

Since Mailchimp Tags are unlimited, this feature is used by subscribers to overcome Mailchimp's 60 Group limitation per list if using many products or categories in your system of record to sync to Mailchimp.

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Note: Mailchimp Tags can be removed automatically via the Full Sync.

This will let your CRM being used repopulate each Segment feature is now changed to Mailchimp tags to have a trued up Segment for your Marketing Automation campaigns running on Mailchimp. 

Check out Mailchimp integrations which can use the Tags below.


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