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Field Mapping Guide


One of the most powerful features in SyncApps revolves around the ability to map your data bidirectionally to get the most out of your automations.

Here is a 2-minute demo of how it works: 

To get ready to make the most out of SyncApps to automate your life, be sure that the fields you want to map are in your Contact or Lead Layout in your CRM so that you'll be able to see them available in the drop-down menu in Steps for mapping. Alternatively, you will need to create a field mapped for that specific field.

Step 4 of the Set Up (Step 3 in some integrations) is the Field Mapping step, allowing you to sync the fields from each software bidirectionally. Select the desired fields to be mapped.

Basic Fields Premapped

Additional field mapping is optional. Basic fields such as all below are already mapped for you;

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Address
  • Account Name
  • Phone
  • Unsubscribe field (Email Opt Out)

Mapping Direction: For Mailchimp, HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign, you can update bidirectionally since they utilize webhooks, and for other integrations, only net new records will be updated with all field mapping if bidirectional is selected.

Note: Whenever you edit and add some fields, you'll need to tap save, Reset Sync Process, and then resync, as shown below. Using formula fields or Salesforce Flow to update your Contact or Lead data? Select our key feature in Step 4 to "Reset Sync Process" automatically to update mapped fields in Step 4 to your target software whenever there are changes.
The best practice for setting up the first integration is to be sure to map all the fields you need at the start, as adding any new field will require a Reset Sync Process to see the changes made in Step 4.

Use Cases that need their own guides:

Field Mapping for Constant Contact 

If you're using Constant Contact integration, then head over to our definitive guide to set up your field mapping.

Field Mapping for Mailchimp

For mapping the Address fields from CRM to Mailchimp, Mailchimp is quite strict when it comes to Address fields. To make sure that the fields will be synced appropriately, you'll need to map them individually and use the standard email fields in CRM. Here's how you do it:

If you're mapping Multi-Select/Pick List fields in CRM, make sure that you also have set up a Multi-Select Picklist field in Mailchimp or a drop-down field with the exact field values that are in that field in CRM to prevent errors. Alternatively, you can also use a plain Text field in Mailchimp. 

Field Mapping for NetSuite 

For NetSuite integrations, the fields available in Step 4 may vary on the selected Saved Searches in Step 1 of the Set Up. If the Saved Search option is not selected, then the Contacts fields will be available.

Need to define whether a NetSuite record is a Company or an Individual? Just enable this option in Step 1 of the Set Up:

"Always create a Customer or Lead as Company if Company Name is defined"

By default, SyncApps will create Customers or Leads as Individuals in NetSuite if a Full Name is defined. This feature, if enabled, will create a Customer or Lead as a Company even if a Full Name is present as long as the Company Name is also defined. 

Basically, if you're trying to create a Company in NetSuite in your integration, then please note that only Individual types of Customer fields would be mappable in Step 4 since Companies need a Contact in NetSuite.

Fields Not Available in Field Mapping Step 4?

Looking for the fields for Field Mapping in Step 4 of the Set Up, but they're not available?

Try out these simple steps:

In Step 4 of the Set Up, tap "Refresh Fields." After tapping this one, see the drop-down menu if the fields you're looking for are already available.

  • In some CRMs such as NetSuite, the availability of the fields will depend on the Saved Search that you have selected in Step 1 of the Set Up.
  • There are also some instances that it won't appear, as it depends if the field is supported by the API. 

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