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Constant Contact for Zoho CRM Setup with features explained

Setting up Constant Contact for Zoho CRM is super simple!

Before starting, take a look at our basic integration setup, as explained here:

Check out some key documentation for Constant Contact with Zoho integration:


Before setting up the integration, here are some important integration points:

  • Zoho CRM OAuth Supported.

  • In Zoho CRM, make sure you have created some records for TESTING purposes so that the Production records will be untouched during the Free Trial.
  • Create a Test Campaign or List View. You may use the Filtering and Segmentation feature as an alternative to segment the list in Constant Contact.
  • In Constant Contact, create a Main List as you will specify this in Step 2 of the Set Up.
  •  Scheduling of a Set Up is available on both Free Trial and Paid plans. (Step 6)

Let’s get started!

Setting up your Integration

Setting up your Set Up (integration) is easy! Looking for a Quick Setup Guided Tour

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  • Sync 1 - 1,000,000+ records sync between Constant Contact and Zoho CRM
  • Sync 1 - 1,000,000+ Opt-Outs from your Constant Contact
  • Sync 1 - 1,000,000+ Campaigns/Tags/List Views 
  • Integrate 1 - 1,000,000+ Campaigns from your Constant Contact and Zoho CRM
  • Sync on Demand included for easy testing of your integration scenarios
  • Scheduling of a Set Up is available on both Free Trial and Paid plans (Step 6)


Logging in to your SyncApps account will land you the SyncApps Dashboard. Head to Set Ups and Once you’ve selected the Set Up tab, tap the “Create Set Up” button.

Enter any designated name for your new Set Up as your identifier. Then in Sync Type, select Zoho CRM to Constant Contact.

Step 1: Zoho CRM

Authentication Type

  • Use the "OAuth2" to connect to Zoho CRM API V2 then tap the "Authorize access to Zoho CRM".

This is a Zoho EU ( account

  • If your Zoho CRM account is an EU account, then check this. If not, then leave it unchecked. Zoho CRM India is now supported!

Module Type to Sync 

  • Selecting a Module type per Set Up will allow you to sync which type of record SyncApps will sync. Let's say Contact, then only Contact type records will be synced. Please note that you can only sync 1 Module type per Set Up. If needing to sync the Leads, then you will need to create another Set Up for it. Supported Module Types: Contacts and Leads.
  • Need to Sync Zoho CRM Potentials? Grab our Add-On today!

Sync Mode 

There are several Sync Modes available. You may only select one per Set Up, but you may change it later on if desired:

Sync All Contacts or Leads

  • From the word itself, all Contacts or Leads will be synced to Constant Contact. Let's say you've selected Contacts as the Module Type, then all Contacts will be synced.

All Active Campaigns

  • All Zoho CRM Campaigns that are marked as "Active" will only be the ones that will be synced to Constant Contact. These Active Campaigns will then be created into separate email lists in Constant Contact.

All Campaigns

  • All Campaigns, whether Active or inactive, will be synced to Constant Contact. These Campaigns will then be created into separate email lists in Constant Contact.

Sync Specific Campaigns

  • Only the selected Campaigns will be synced to Constant Contact. These Campaigns will then be created into separate email lists in Constant Contact.

Sync Specific List Views

  • Specific List Views will only be the ones that will be synced to Constant Contact. These List Views will then be created into separate email lists in Constant Contact.

Zoho CRM Account Time Zone

  • To get account time zone, please log in to your Zoho CRM account using your username and password and go to Setup > Personal Settings > Account Information. You will see time zone information on the page.

On Contact or Lead creation, use "Unknown" as the last name if the last name is blank

  • If a new record lands in Zoho CRM from Constant Contact with a blank Last Name, then Zoho CRM will reject the record as the Last Name is a required field in Zoho CRM. If you still want the record to be synced without the Last Name, please enable this option.

Retrieve Contact/Account Potentials

  • If this option is checked, Potentials fields will be available on the mapping configuration. This feature may need many API calls if you have a large number of Potentials. Please note that it may cause an exceeding API limit issue if you have a large number of potentials. For example, larger than 10,000.

Do you want to unsubscribe existing Constant Contact Contacts or Leads who are marked as Opted Out in Zoho CRM? Select this feature 

  • If this option is not checked, the opted-out Contacts or Leads are simply ignored (not synced to Constant Contact).

Sync deleted Contacts or Leads in Zoho CRM to Constant Contact 

  • If a Contact or Lead is deleted, SyncApps will remove the email address from Constant Contact.

Execute workflow trigger on new Contact or Lead creation, Execute workflow trigger on Contact or Lead update

  • In Zoho CRM integration, we set the wftrigger for Contact or Lead update (opt-out, bounce, etc) including the following:

    1. Update opted out status 
    2. Update hard bounced status 
    3. Update bounce reason

    We also set the wftrigger on Campaign Response sync to Zoho Custom Modules by default. For more details about the Zoho CRM wftrigger workflow, please see Zoho CRM Support.

Want to Integrate Marketing Metrics to Zoho CRM? Select this feature 

  • This will allow you to sync your Constant Contact Campaigns' marketing metrics such as opens, clicks, and bounces back to Zoho CRM. To understand which Campaign Response Method to use, please tap the button below for reference:

    Tap here

If done in Step 1 of the Set Up, hit next so that the configurations will be saved.

Step 2: Constant Contact


Connect your Constant Contact account in this step by tapping the “Connect” button. You will then be directed to the oAuth page that’ll log in to Constant Contact.

After which, enter the name of your Main List. Now, what is the Main List, and why do we need to define it in Step 2?

During the sync process, a new list with the specified name will be created in Constant Contact. Yet, you can still use the names of your existing lists in Constant Contact, if there are. Note that if you are to name the Main List the same name as an existing Constant Contact List, make sure to match the spelling 100% so as to not create a new list in Constant Contact but to marry to the existing one.

When adding new subscribers to any Constant Contact List, please note that only those in your "Main List" will be synced, or select from the following options; (Sync all active Contacts not just those in the specified Constant Contact List), to sync the specific Constant Contact subscribers to CRM.

Note: We require you to define the Main List because Constant Contact needs it in creating, updating, and removing records using its API.

For more options, tap the plus (+) icon. If you want to learn more about the features, hover over to the SyncNotes tooltips.


Want to remove records from your Constant Contact Lists when they no longer meet the segmentation criteria in Step 1 or Step 5 (Filtering and Segmentation) of the Set Up?
Select this feature 

  • If the Full Sync (Step 3 Add-on Subscription) is enabled then this feature will be available.
Do not sync unsubscribed emails status to Zoho CRM
  • By default, SyncApps will set opted-out status in Zoho CRM for unsubscribed emails. Please check this checkbox if you do not want unsubscribed emails status to be synced.
 Do not sync physical address data to Constant Contact 
  • If you do not need address data in Constant Contact, you can check this option.
Retrieve state name instead of state code 
  • By default, SyncApps retrieves state code. This option can be checked to retrieve the state name instead.
Do not sync new Contacts from Constant Contact to Zoho CRM (One-Way sync)
  • By default, when a new record lands in your Constant Contact Main List, it will be synced to Zoho CRM. If you do not want to sync new records to be synced to Zoho CRM, select this option.
Sync all active Contacts, not just those in the specified Constant Contact Main List 
  • By default, SyncApps only retrieves Contacts from the specified "Main List". Please check this option if you want to sync all active Contacts.

    Please note that enabling this option might cause the "API limit exceeded error" in Zoho CRM on the initial sync if you have record numbers in Constant Contact greater than your Zoho CRM daily API limit. For each email address in Constant Contact, SyncApps need to send one or more API requests to check whether the email already exists in Zoho CRM.

Sync from specific Lists
  • Records from these selected Constant Contact Email Lists will be synced and be created in Zoho CRM if the record does not exist at the time of sync.

Campaign Response Sync Selection

All Constant Contact Campaigns

  • All Constant Contact Campaigns under your Main List will be synced to Zoho CRM if you have enabled the Sync Campaign Response option in Step 1.

Sync Specific Campaigns

  • Only the selected Constant Contact Campaigns under your specified Main List will be synced back to Zoho CRM.

Step 3: Sync Add-Ons

Sync Add-Ons are optional. Available Add-Ons in Step 3 of the Set Up may depend on which Plan and integration you select.

Want to know which Sync Add-On fits your requirement? Give us a shout-out today!

Step 4: Field Mapping

Field Mapping is optional. Basic fields such as Email address, Name, Title, Address, Company Name, and Phone are already pre-mapped even if you haven’t enabled this Step. Otherwise, if you have more additional fields to map, then you’ll have to set these fields up here.

Managing your Constant Contact field is super simple! Please see the link below for more information on how to do it:

Managing Constant Contact Custom Fields

Step 5: Filtering and Segmentation

This Step is one of our most powerful features ever used by most of our subscribers. Like for example, you have 1000’s of records in your CRM and only want to pull out the records with specific criteria, only these records will be synced to your Constant Contact Main List.

See here for more information on how it works

Step 6: Sync Scheduling

Finally, the very last step. Just select the time when you would like to sync your data automatically.

Tap the Finish button and then Sync Now. 

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